Commonwealth Racing is the vision of Board member of Farm Aid, horse enthusiast, rancher, and resort developer Richard T. Fields and local businessman, and horse breeder and owner Armand Janjigian and his wife Robin Kalaidjian.

Their vision is for a facility run by horse enthusiasts for horses.

Richard Fields has been an active business owner, investor, and developer for nearly fifty years in hundreds of projects. In fact, he has held licenses and permits across the country without conflict. Richard is a good neighbor and valued member of the community in each of the cities and towns where he has established a business. In fact, Fields created the first in the nation anti-slaughter and anti-doping regulations.

His love of horses and vision, combined with the Janigians’ mission, will ensure the facility built by Commonwealth Racing is a top location for horses to live and race, and for people to learn and appreciate the beauty of horses.