Growing Support for Agricultural and Equestrian Center

A growing number of Sturbridge residents have been showing support for a proposed Agricultural and Equestrian Center as the town prepares for a vote on an Overlay District that would allow for it.

With more information about the benefits to the town, residents are increasingly enthusiastic about the opportunity for a new recreation and entertainment complex that would provide amenities to all ages.

The vote on the Overlay District is Oct. 28 at the Town Meeting, which starts at 7.

A yes vote will open the way for the festival grounds, athletic fields, nature trails, community gardens, and more that will be available to all residents, along with new jobs and annual revenue to the town of $1 million through property taxes. A yes vote at the town meeting is not final approval. The project will still be subject to town rules and regulations will need all required permits and residents will be in charge at every step of the process.

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support for SEAC

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